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How to get fit before holidays

It's the first of October. It's a perfect time to start planning our New Year's holidays. If you think it's early for it, you're wrong. I'm not talking about choosing a New Year dress or buying Christmas gifts, but about preparing our body to make it look best possible. It's a good time to start with workouts. Although the summer has passed, this does not mean that we can now relax and gain weight. There is no need to spend time and money in the gym. All you need is to take a little time at home, turn on the youtube and do the exercises all by yourself.  I am very pleased with my weight at the moment, but I would like to tighten my body before New Year's Eve. I started to drink more water during the day (which I often forget), to take care of what I eat, I try to fall asleep before midnight and sleep at least eight hours. but also to work out. A little bit every day and in my room. I challenged myself to separate at least ten or twenty minutes a day fo…

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