How to take care of your hair this winter

During the winter, our hair requires a different kind of care than usual, just like our skin. Ignorance and carelessness can cost us dearly. It is therefore important that we respect some rules if we want to have beautiful and healthy hair. After a lot of research, I have outlined some of the most important rules that you need to follow this winter.

1. Like most girls, I love to shower with hot water. This is my very bad habit I will try to avoid. Hot water dehydrates our skin and hair. In contrast, cold water will improve circulation and make our hair shine more. Also, cold water closes the pores to prevent dirt from entering. You do not have to wash your hair with cold water. Just do not wash it with hot. It would be extremely good if, at the very end of the washing process, you would rinse the conditioner with a stream of cold water so your hair would get shinier.

2. In wintertime, it is very important to apply oil on the scalp. The skin of the head gets dehydrated and needs extra care. You can choose the oil that suits you (coconut, olive, walnut) and use circular movements to rub it into the scalp.

3. I recommend that you wash your hair in the evening. And for these reasons. For hair, it is extremely good to dry out a little bit naturally and then just dry the hair completely with the hairdryer. During the winter months, it would be a good idea to reduce the use of heating appliances on your hair.

4. Cut the ends regularly. Do not let them be dry and squeeze.

5. Eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids because beauty comes from within.

Follow these rules and your hair will be thankful.


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