The importance of accessories

Are fashion accessories necessary to complete the look? The answer probably depends on who you are asking. I am from those who think that is important that you wear a dress, and the dress is not wearing you. You must dominate your wardrobe. If we use them properly, fashion accessories can only help us in this. You have to love what you wear. Do not wear something that is modern if it's not in your style. It's that simple. I do not wear jewelry often. I just do not have a habit. But when I wear it, I like it to be in my style. My way. Simple, but effective. Now, you're probably laughing at me because I think these earrings are simple. Keep in mind that I wore them with a black dress. No fake lashes, nothing that is too much. These earrings made my combination special and different. When I ordered them, I did not have a dilemma in which color I should buy them because I love gold and it goes well with my hair color, but for those who don't agree, they have them in two more colors. You can order them here. Fashion accessories are not necessary, but they are like cherry on top. They are ready to make each outfit an irresistible unrepeatable one. Let's play with them.


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