It's cold outside

I'm not a fan of cold weather, but I can handle it when it comes. Or at least I will do my best. As a little girl, I thought it was very difficult to combine a warm, yet beautiful clothes in winter. And it's not that much. I was shopping on Zaful and I ran into some very nice pieces. First I got this sweater that you already saw on my instagram. I had great expectations. This sweater surpassed all my expectations. On the website they say it's made of polyester, but I can not tell you how soft and pleasant it is. This fake fur on pockets can be removed, which means a lot, especially when washing it. Besides a sweater, I ordered another thing that would keep me warm during the winter. I needed a beanie. I chose this randomly. When it arrived, I was delighted. It's a quality one. On the inside there is a furry set. From the outside ... See it yourself.  And last but not least, pants. Everybody went nuts this season for these pants. Do I understand them? Absolutely. They are comfortable, look nice and do not need ironing. They are practical.  As you can see, I am very satisfied with the things that have arrived. If you want to see prices or more about them, go to the links, and if you need online ordering tips, feel free to contact me. I am here to help. 

By the way, tomorrow is two years since I have a blog and I am very excited about it. Thanks to everyone who follows my blog. Love you all. 


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