How to wear a kimono?

We are all witnesses that in the last few years there has been an obsession with the Far East in the field of fashion. At every step, on every website and store, we can buy a kimono inspired by Japanese culture, a floral kimono, or for those who are a little less willing to take risks, a minimalist kimono with reduced details. For those who don't know the kimono is the most basic term for traditional Japanese dress. The term literally translates as "thing to wear." At first, I was a little skeptical when it comes to it. Perhaps I felt that way because I saw women going to the work in state institutions with t-shirts with inscriptions and kimonos which I find inconceivable to me. But then I decided to give a chance to the kimono. I ordered online this one. When it arrived, I was thrilled with the quality of the material. However, I did not know how to wear it. I'm not sure I do now. So, for now I have decided to just take a picture of it, and when spring comes and when I can combine it with a lighter wardrobe, I will do my best to make it creative and beautiful. I would definitely wear this with jeans and, for example, stripes. If you own a kimono, please give me some advice on how to wear it. 
Please don't mind that I still have a New Year's decoration in the house. I still feel festive.
I wish you all a happy Monday and a productive week.


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