Gamiss wishlist-get ready for cold weather

Hello friends. Are you ready for the cold days? I wasn't ready, but then I visited the Gamiss site and the miracle happened. Not ready for halloween? Looking for discounts? Oh, they have a solution for everything. I've ordered a few things from the site and I will show you them when they arrive, but until then here's something that I really liked. 

1. Beret hat (←click for more info)

Instagram is full of photos of fashion girls who are not taking off these beret hats lately. I do not blame them because they are really beautiful. So if you want to get a similar one, here's a suggestion. 

2.Platform shoes with faux fur trim (←click for more info)

In one of the previous posts, I wore very similar shoes. Shoes of this type are very comfortable and practical because they have no heel and we look thinner in them. 

3. Pinkish sweather (←click for more info)

Is there anyone else who is simply in love with these sleeves? 

4.Wool poncho coat (←click for more info)

This poncho / coat is ideal for a transitional period. Its price is even more ideal.

5. Long down coat (←click for more info)

Here's a winter jacket that is ideal for those of us who don't tolerate the cold. It's long, it's trendy and it's on sale. What are you waiting for?

I have many more favorites. I can not wait to show you what I ordered. Until then, visit Gamiss and tell me what you like most.

Until next time, 


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